Am I Registered to Vote?
Visit the Oregon Secretary of State Website link above to learn whether you're registered to vote in Oregon elections.
Registration Requirement
You must provide a current, valid Oregon DMV Driver's License or ID or the last four digits of your Social Security number.


We are not a government agency and unable to do more than you can yourself.


I have not received my ballot
Check here to see if or when and where your ballot was mailed to. If you see a problem, contact your county clerk from here.

My ballot was mailed to the wrong address
Contact your county clerk for a replacement ballot. If less than a week before Election Day, you may have to vote in the election office.

When are general election ballots mailed?
In-state voters: October 19 to 23
Out-of-state voters: Approximately October 8
Overseas and military: Approximately September 22

When is the voter registration deadline: Approximately mid October
How do I check or update my voter registration: Click here.
How do I cancel my voter registration? Contact your county clerk.
How do I know if my ballot was received? Click here. There is a two-day delay.

Many questions can be answered by your county election office.
Visit your county clerk for additional help.


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