After Retirement, Rob Gronkowski Seen Mopping the Floor

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After retirement from football, he kept himself busy all day. After a few months of retirement, it looks like he found a new job for himself.

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Rob Gronkowski attached a fake mustache and wore black clothes like a janitor.

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The tight end declared his retirement from the NFL by Shari a message on his social media accounts. 

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After the end of 2018 season, Gronkowski announced his retirement but he later came back for a two-year stint in Tampa Bay.

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Gronk sent his retirement to the world, Drew Rosenhaus, announced that it would not be shocking if Rob returns.

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In an interview, Rosenhaus gave his reply that he thinks his client would come back to the field. 

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“If later in the season, he  decides to come back for Tom Brady and may finish the year and help the team win another championship.“

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Only a few can match the legacy of Gronkowski. He has five Pro Bowl nominations and four Super Bowl rings.  

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He is the tight end with the touchdown receptions in a single season, as well as in a tight end’s career.

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His 92 touchdown ranks third among the tight ends in NFL record.

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