Antonio Brown Blamed of Dealing Fake Richard Mille Watch

by sayyad


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According to TMZ, the National Football League free representative, Antonio Brown, is sued for allegedly vending a simulated Richard Mille watch for six figures.

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The complainant recognised as Florida resident Ryan Kane, pointed out the criticism in Broward County before the deal moved down this week.

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Kane alleges that the defendant offered the watch as precise as an RM 011 model and proclaimed it was worth more than $450,000.

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Kane eventually took Brown's word and copped the watch for $159,000, Although it was extended before he understood the timepiece was a fraud.

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A few weeks behind buying the timepiece, Kane allegedly brought it to an appraiser for insurance objectives.

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At that moment, Kane informed me that the timepiece was only about $210.

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Kane did some digging and allegedly discovered that Brown had bought the knockoff, and occasional others like it, for less than $500 singly in Dubai.

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It's dark how the defendant reached across the details.

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But it's worth indicating that Brown was recently blamed for pocketing $120,000 in jewellery in Dubai.

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Kane is aiming to get his $159,000 back, plus interest. Antonio has regardless to remark on the suit publicly.