Brady’s friends have conveyed displeasure over his decision 

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According to the news, Tom Brady is not ready to bow down against Gisele Bundchen.

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His friends express their displeasure with him, saying that he should give up all his stubbornness and decide to reunite. 

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The matter has strengthened so much that both these couples are now standing at the mouth of their divorces. 

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He has been constantly ignoring this issue for a quite long time. Due to this, the distance between them has increased a lot. 

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Everyday, this news is becoming the primary content of news media. 

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From the ongoing discussions, it looks like that the couple is ready for their separation. 

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Brady’s friend wants him to came back to his practical life. 

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He has taken the decisions of his life only after some thought. May be he’s not ready to bow down to Gisele Bündchen. 

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Some people still have hope that there can be a reconciliation agreement.

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The couple have become the primary subject of discussion in today’s time. 

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