Camille Kostek weighs in on Tom Brady marriage 

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Camille Kostek strongly feels that Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen can fix their marriage. 

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When approached by paparazzi at the Airport, the model, was asked whether she thinks the two could work things out or not. 

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She answered, “yes. I love Tom and Gisele a lot.” 

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Gronk has played with Brady for many years with the New England Patriots. 

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After retiring from the sport, he came back to play two seasons for the Brady. 

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Brady’s lack of enthusiasm to step away from football seems to be the primary reason of his separation. 

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Sources first revealed in September that the couple had an “big” fight over Brady coming out of retirement. 

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Gisele was upset about it for much time, she feels like she needs to move on. She thinks  that her marriage can be fixed. 

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The couple accelerated breakup rumors when Brady attended Robert Kraft’s surprise wedding without Bündchen by his side. 

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Brady says that his family and football are his primary priorities. 

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