Derek Jeter Shares an unknown relation With NFL Legend Tom Brady and Boxing Icon Muhammad Ali

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Derek Jeter, Tom Brady, and Muhammad Ali are the finest ambassadors of their respective sports.

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Derek Jeter is a New York Yankees star, has achieved the pinnacle in baseball. 

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He has came a very long way to become a captain of the biggest MLB franchise and lead them to five World Series titles. 

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All three of them have Irish background. 

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When talking about Jeter, his Irish roots has came from his mother Dorothy Connors, who is a Irish-German. 

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Just like Jeter, Brady and Muhammad also have their ancestral backgrounds in Ireland. 

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Jeter has played for more than two decades for Yankees. He aided the Yankees reach a new high in baseball. 

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He might not the best ballplayer, but his vision to be a leader in the clubhouse made him a essential part of the team. 

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After his retirement as the captain, only Aaron Judge has come forward to substitute Jeter.

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He will be a free agent after four weeks, the Yankees might lose him to a opposition team. 

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