Fans Go Wild as Manny Pacquiao Set to Fight ‘Bruce Lee’ 

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Former 8-division champion Manny Pacquiao is prepared to return into the squared circle against DK Yoo. 

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The exhibition bout was declared by The Triller fight club on Twitter. The fight will happen on December 10 in South Korea. 

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The fight will also star 18 other fights along with several musical performances. 

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The fans also went wild after this announcement, one fan was bizarre as to why boxing pundits were not calling out Pacquiao in an exhibition. 

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Another fan said that Pacquiao was was curious whether if Triller was back with concerts in the middle of fights. 

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The other fan mentioned that Pacquiao was imitating everything that Floyd Mayweather did. 

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Another fan mentioned that if the event would consist of 80 percent music like the last Triller events. 

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The fans feel that this exhibition is nothing more than a cash grab. The funds will go for the war relief effort in Ukraine. 

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In the history of the sport, Pacquiao became the first boxer from Seoul to appear as a hologram in a press conference. 

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This futuristic technique has been used by many athletes. Pacquiao accurately portrayed this after appearing in a press conference. 

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