Gisele Bündchen Has Taken an extreme Step To Get Rid Of All The Signs Of Tom Brady From Her Life 

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It looks like Bündchen has made changes to her tattoo on her ankle. 

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She was found leaving a complex in Miami that has many legal offices, that’s when outlets noticed changes in the ink painted at her ankle. 

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Before, the tattoo was an image of a crescent moon surrounded by three stars, but now she has changed it to a tree with many branches, and the stars are still present. 

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Her previous symbolises a meaning. 

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A sudden change in her tattoo, especially when there is divorce rumors, seem to have a connection. 

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Bündchen has another tattoo on her left wrist. She said that it was in the memory of her grandmother. 

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Till today, the NFL power couple never spoke about their marital issues publicly.

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The Supermodel was considering divorce for a long-time and has began moving on from their relationship. 

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It’s yet to find how far they have come on these marital affairs because the NFL quarterback is presently focussing only on the 2022 season. 

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It is noticed that his wife wasn’t present in any of his matches. 

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