Grady Jarrett threw Tom Brady to ground 

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Referee Jerome Boger said Atlanta Falcons defensive lineman threw Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the ground as part of his clarification for the passer call in the Bucs' win. 

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The Falcons were down by 3 minutes, 3 seconds to play when they seemed to stop the Buccaneers. 

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Jarrett had rolled to the ground with Brady, getting the quarterback along with him. 

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When Brady was questioned about the call, said, "I don't throw flags," while Jarrett refused to speak with press after the match. 

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Falcons coach said he didn't spoke with the officials after the call. 

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The coach was captured by television cameras with an animated reaction. 

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Buccaneers coach said he didn't think the call was made due to the quarterback in question was Brady.

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Falcons outside linebacker was facing Jarrett. It looked like football. Wemerely played aggressive. 

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The roughing was one of the six penalties against Atlanta. 

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Bowles said there was mutual understanding, about how the game should be called. 

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