Jonathan Allen discloses His 14 Hours Gaming Routine

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With the many exciting matches happening in the NFL season, fans pray for their favorite teams to play frequently. 

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With a single intercept, the star DT is in the news yet again. 

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Interesting fact is that he is not merely a player of football, but is a huge zealot of video games as well. 

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A $20,000 game room and a 14 hours gaming routine, he is making headlines in another field. 

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In an interview, he said that he loves gaming since childhood. He claims to have brought a PC setup alongside his brother  

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He said that he is highly competitive and thus when he is not on the field, he needs to feel that competitiveness. 

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He mentioned that competitiveness is one of the only things I do that gives me the exact same feeling as if I’m playing football on the field,

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He then began to show his setup and said, “That’s my computer that I built myself. Me and my brother built this PC over here. 

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Later, Jonathan Allen described why he was a gaming addict since childhood. 

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He began by stating, “As we’re preparing all the time growing up, it was a way for me to get away. 

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