Lamar Jackson Reflects His ONLY Regret From His Big Win 

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Lamar Jackson had an amazing outing as they pushed hard in the last few minutes, to edge out a win over the Bengals. 

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The MVP candidate led the Ravens into the field goal with a  18-yard run. 

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His running helped to get the ball close to Justin Tucker.

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Talking about the match, Jackson was all smiles but conveyed one regret he had in the game. 

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He said, “I should have given a more air on the pass. It was two guys in front of me and I see wide open.  

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The Ravens star missed a few throws in most parts of the game. 

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In the Last season, the Bengals won against the Ravens on both the occasions. It was a neck to be game from the start. 

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Lamar Jackson won the MVP in 2019, also, he completed 66 percent of his passes. 

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The star also added 80 yards in each game, which was one of the best shows of that year. 

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He has a 65% completion rate in passes and 79 rushing yards per game. 

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