Lebron James discloses Why He Didn’t Want His Sons To Play Football 

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LeBron James has became one of the biggest NBA stars. In his high school time, he was an amazing football player. 

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He does not permitted his sons to play football because of an ineluctable condition. 

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In 2012, LeBron James stirred the press after he made a blunt statement about American football. 

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LeBron James said, “We don’t want them to play in our household until they are fully aware how demanding the game is.  

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King James said as a parent, one would do all possible things to safeguard their children.

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It can be strange to hear from someone who was a top-tier football prospect. 

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James was an all-state receiver because of good statistics in school, one could imagine what James would be in the NFL. 

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The NBA star claimed two teams: the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys. It happened between July and December 2011. 

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James disclosed it during ESPN’s Night Football. He still has the jersey Jerry Jones and Pete Carroll gave him in 2011. 

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As per The Athletic, James would be a great athlete if he welcomed the NFL offer during the lockout. 

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