Max Verstappen Exploited a Loophole to Win His Title 

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This season, the Suzuka Circuit was full of drama from the beginning. Even after the race ended, everyone was disappointing. 

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Even after finishing the race, he was confused about his standing as the world champion for the 2022 season. 

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The long halt and resuming of the race made many believe that the race would be permitted only for half points. 

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Under the new rules, the cars followed the safety car for just two laps, and the points were then calculated accordingly.

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As per F1 rule Article 5.b says: “Should the race be suspended, the length of the suspension will be added to three hours.” 

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They stated that since the race had been restarted and also hit the three-hour time limit window, it included. 

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Charles Leclerc was given a 5-second penalty; this shifted him to the third position, which left Max, who became the world champion. 

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Max Verstappen is being compared with many legends of the same field. 

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Max Verstappen has given remarkable performance in the last two seasons. He is the second youngest driver to become a two time world champion. 

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Max has amazing achievements in his short career. With so many racing years ahead of the Dutch Lion, would he excel these legends in time? 

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