NFL World Reacts To Punishment News of Tom Brady

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tom Brady has been rewarded a punishment from the NFL after a debatable play. 

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Defensive lineman Grady Jarrett threw Brady to the ground. 

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A few moments later, Brady was found trying to kick Jarrett, but he didn't make contact. 

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Jarrett was called for roughing the passer, but it was Brady who received punishment his actions. 

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Adam Schefter said "NFL notified Buccaneers’ Brady was penalised with $11,139 for kicking Grady Jarrett on the play." 

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Fans thinks that the penalty is not enough. 

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One fan stated that Doesn’t change the fact that they gifted him the game lmfao. 

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One fan joked "Translation for normal people: Tom Brady has been fined $0.37.” 

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Others are happy that league finally took action against Brady. 

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After the punishment a fan said, Good. It's about damn time the league punishes Tom  Brady. 

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