Pleasant News comes Out of Miami Dolphins Camp

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Tua Tagovailoa shook the NFL after the dreadful injury. In just a week, the Dolphins QB1 suffered two hits in the head. 

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Fortunately, he is back for practice. But the question is when would he return?

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After the unpleasant situation, the medical staff stretchered him out of the field. 

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But he got his release and traveled back to Miami with his squad.

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Tagovailoa return remains an mysterious.

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According to Ian Rapoport, QB Tua Tagovailoa will come back to the practice field today for limited time.

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He is still in impact, but the franchise could free him before Sunday’s match against the Vikings. 

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According to the sources, he will not remain active on Sunday. 

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Also, he has made considerable progress and is on track to come back to the field. 

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The QB is under concussion protocol. With the QB1 out of action, the fins could witness a backup in the coming match.

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