NFL’s decision on Passer-by Dispute 

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After all his debatable calls, Chiefs defensive tackle thinks that NFL should permit a video review of fines against passers. 

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The Chiefs had scored to lessen their lead when Jones pulled out Raiders Derek Carr just before halftime. 

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The game played for less than two minutes and was not even reviewed. 

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Andy Reid rushed off to argue with officials within earshot and after teams scored field goals. 

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He gets complete protection in all aspects of what we give the quarterback,” Cheffers told this to a reporter after the match. “ 

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The decision was that the defender came on top of him with his entire body weight. 

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The quarterback is fully protected from being tackled at full body weight. 

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In the second half, Kansas City fans booed the Cheffers louder than the hated Raiders, and the Arrowhead Stadium seemed to electrify their team. 

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The call came a day after defenseman Grady Jarrett was flagged by the referee. 

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The NFL was widely criticized for its failure to protect quarterbacks against Cincinnati. 

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