Raiders WR Davante Adams Could Spend the Remaining Season in Jail 

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Wide Receiver Davante Adams has came into trouble for pushing a journalist. He pushed a cameraperson after the Raiders lost on Monday Football Match.

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Davante Adams has been charged with a city ordinance violation for the unfortunate incident. These charges are lower than the initially expected state misconduct charges.  

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As per court documents, charges are for an intentional, overt act’ that caused bodily injury.

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The injured man is Ryan Zebley. He worked for ESPN. 

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He suffered from a whiplash, a little concussion and a headache because of the shove. 

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Presently, Adams is facing charges in the Kansas City Municipal court where he will  appear on November 10. 

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He might face jail for 6 months and a fine ranging from $250 to $1000 if he is convicted. He will also face action from the NFL.

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Right away, he apologized after the incident, saying that the action was purely out of frustration.

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Adams had a great game with 124-yard and two touchdowns. He was also involved in two controversial moments in the ending of the game.

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Raiders coach said “ We definitely don’t want any of our guys to be doing anything wrong. He’s knows that.

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