Tom Brady And Gisele Bündchen’s Friends To Choose One Side 

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Update about former Victoria’s Secret angel Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady have came amid their harsh separation. 

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The primary reason behind the NFL power couple’s divorce is Tom Brady’s decision to return to football after he declared his retirement in February 2022. 

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His wife did not like the fact that her husband went back on his word. Also, she expressed her worries about the violent nature of the sport. 

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The couple’s friends don’t want the matter to reach a point from where there’s no coming back. 

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Their friends think that out of the two, one is more accountable than the other. 

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According to their friend’a statement, this is their only fight which has lasted for this long. 

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Bündchen never spoke about her personal life issues in public. 

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She left one emoji on Jay Shetty on his Instagram post, that emoji can be a indication into the mind of Bündchen and her marriage with the Brady. 

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The post said, “You can’t be committed to a person who is not consistent with you. Read that again.” 

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The two overcame many issues in the past. However, even the friends says that the issue went way too far. 

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