Tom Brady arrives solo at Patriots' owner surprise wedding 

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Tom Brady was captured solo at the wedding of Patriots owner Robert Kraft's surprise wedding to Dr. Dana Blumber. 

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Amid separation rumors, Tom’s wife Gisele Bundchen was not in the guest list. He wore a black suit with a white button-down and no tie.

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Tom had a ear to ear smile on his face in pictures taken as he arrived at the Hall des Lumiéres in New York.

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The NFL player spent most of his time at the party with Jon Bon Jovi and Drew Bledsoe, the quarterback Tom replaced in 2001 at the Patriots. 

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Both Gisele and Tom are yet to make a statement on the rumors of  divorce. 

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Lately, she appeared to give hint of the status of their relationship when she sent a message about not putting up with an "inconsistent" partner. 

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Her social media activity adding to her unhappiness comes following several reports that the two have separately hired divorce lawyers. 

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The couple have two children together. 

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The Super Bowl champion retired from the sport in early 2022.  

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A few weeks later, he confirmed that he would be playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for another season. 

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