Tom Brady Celebrates 'Perfect Night' with his Son Jack Brady 

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Yesterday, the NFL quarterback shared a beautiful photo of himself with his oldest son "Jack" Edward, on his social media account. 

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He captioned the photo "Great win and a perfect night” and a red heart emoji. 

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Brady is also a father to Vivian Lake and Benjamin Rein with Gisele Bündchen. 

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Brady said in a podcast that "I love watching him play because I believe there's few things in life that I could probably help him with.” 

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He don't have a lot of qualities in life other than throwing the football. 

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Lately, Brady has been opening up about his eldest son, who has just began playing football.

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Brady added "He's way smarter. He's just a great kid. But I can certainly help him at quarterback." 

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Lastly, Brady celebrated watching Jack play the sport as "one of the best highlights of his life." 


He believes that one of the bestest highlights of his life is watching his son play and him grow, and my kids in general, too.

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He also said seeing him play has been so exciting for me. Also, he "never imagined" his son would play football. 

Brady’s friends have conveyed displeasure over his decision

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