Tom Brady Played a Role That Led Hollywood Actor’s Publicised Divorce

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner ignored the news of their separation.

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Back in 2015, Ben Affleck was flying to Las Vegas along with Tom Brady and nanny. They both were flying for different reasons. 

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The picture sparked a disagreement as Affleck’s former wife was not aware about the same. 

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Tom Brady’s Super Bowl rings in the picture received the most of attention. 

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Ben Affleck requested Christine Ouzounian to come with him on a flight to LA. 

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The actor kept the nanny hidden the whole time he was in Vegas. 

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After when the photograph went viral, the couple declared they would split up. 

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After hearing about the whole incident, Gisele Bündchen threatened to divorce. 

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However, in the entire cheating drama, the involvement of Tom Brady upset his wife Gisele Bündchen.

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The NFL’s power couple reconciled after clearing all the misunderstandings, and the situation did not lead to their separation. 

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