Tom Brady Uses Four Words To Shut queries regarding “Penalties”

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NFL GOAT Tom Brady had a relieved look after leading the Buccaneers to win the match. They recorded a 21-15 win against the Falcons.

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In a disputed decision, after Brady was tackled, referees threw the flag. It occurred on a third downplay by Grady Jarrett.  

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As it was a clean tackle. The referee did not spoke in favor of the Falcons’ request. 

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The Buccaneers were leading the fourth quarter. Initially, the Falcons made a remarkable comeback in the third quarter. 

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If the referee had given a touchdown, it would have given the Falcons an opportunity, and certainly a win.

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Tom Brady is even respected by the opposition team members. He denied any involvement in favors and gave a blunt reply to the press. 

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Initially, in Super Bowl LI, Atlanta Falcons lost to the Patriots. However, Patriots regrouped under Brady and bounced back to claim the win. 

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If the Falcons had succeeded this match, it would have been a vengeance for the other team. 

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Tom Terrific will have a primary responsibility in the coming match. They meet the Steelers on Sunday. 

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The team will keep their playoff hopes alive. 

Grady Jarrett threw Tom Brady to ground

by sayyad

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