Tom Brady’s wife Had A History of Dating Sportsmen 

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The 7-time Super Bowl champion, Tom Brady, was not the only athlete in Gisele Bündchen’s life. 

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In her past, she had dated a polo player and a surfer. Sadly, those relationships did not last much time. 

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In 2002, she dated Rico Mansur for a couple of months. 

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Later, she dated a professional surfer, Kelly Slater. They dated for a few months and ended their relationship in early 2006. 

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According to the reports, she went on a blind date with Brady and fell in love. They dated for 3 years and got married in 2009. 

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Brady declared his retirement from professional football after the end of the last season. 

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According to our sources, they had a heated argument regarding Brady’s un-retirement. 

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In an interview, she expressed her anger and said, “This is a violent sport, and I would like him to spend more time with children’s. 

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They both hired divorce lawyers and heading toward divorce. 

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There is a rumour that there is a small hope that they could still work it out as they haven’t filed the divorce. 

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